Competition for the 20 years of AMICA: “Good Health comes from a Safe Environment”

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of its foundation, which took place on May 23, 2003, the association AMICA organizes an artistic competition that celebrates its values.

AMICA values

Participate in the art competition “Good Health comes from a Safe Environment” by sending a post on the issues dealt with by the association:
• environment, natural but also man-made environment, urban and natural parks, flora and fauna, the beauty and the functionality of the environment on the psyche,
• integral ecology, i.e. placing the logic of the environment at the center of every choice;
• the fight against chemical and electromagnetic pollution not only outdoors, but also in indoor environments, with particular attention to the role of fragrances;
• the good economy that praises natural resources, instead of exploiting them;
• the difference – as the ecologist Chico Mendez used to say – between ecology and gardening.

How to participate

You can participate with a single post using your own content or content of which you own the copyright.

The post can consist of:

ONE POEM: send a single poem of a maximum of 35 lines.
A TEXT up to 200 words;
ONE PHOTOGRAPH: a single photograph optimized for publication on Facebook, possibly accompanied by a text of up to 200 words.
AN ONLINE ARTICLE: send the link to one of your commentary articles that is not of a commercial nature (maximum 200 words).
A SHORT VIDEO (DURATION FROM 1 TO 5 MINUTES) optimized for publication on Facebook possibly introduced by a text of up to 200 words: for example the presentation of a particularly beautiful natural environment, the presentation of an eco-sustainable business, a small inquiry, a succession of photographs accompanied by music, a speech delivered in close-up, etc.

Participation in the contest and submission of the work automatically implies authorization to publish the submitted work on the AMICA Facebook page and on the AMICA website www.infoamica.it

Works of explicitly sexual, sexist, racist content or that incite division and hatred in any way are not permitted, nor are contents of a commercial nature (in the case of a presentation of an entrepreneurial activity, it is permissible to show the name of the entrepreneur and company logo).

Only people who have given the authors permission to publish their face can be portrayed in the photographs and videos. AMICA declines all responsibility, therefore the author or authors of the multimedia material are to be held solely responsible for checking the authorizations. If AMICA is notified of a violation by a person who claims to be portrayed in a photo or video without authorization, the post will be canceled immediately and will be excluded from the contest and the dispute will have to be resolved between the author and the person portrayed. AMICA gives privacy top priority.

Watch out for the deadline: send everything by March 20, 2023

To register, the entries must be sent by 20 March 2023 to the email amica @ infoamica.it (the videos can be sent with a wetransfer link) together with the participation form which must be duly completed and signed to authorize the voluntary association AMICA to publish their work on the AMICA Facebook page and on the AMICA website.

A donation of € 10.00 (€ ten/00) is requested to cover management costs.
• with a payment to the Paypal account sostieniamica@infoamica.it
• by bank transfer to the account in the name of AMICA-ODV IBAN: IT54T0538703269000047495668 specifying the reason “liberal donation”. Payments by bank transfer bearing reasons other than the one indicated or containing additional elements will not be considered valid.

Send the participation form before March 20, 2023

To protect the privacy of the authors, each participant can decide whether he wants to sign the post with his full name, only with his initials or anonymously, by ticking the appropriate space in the participation form.

The posts will be published on AMICA’s Facebook page in order of arrival until March 20, 2023 where they will be voted by the public with “likes” until April 1 included. The winning works will be published on Easter day, April 9, 2023, on the AMICA Facebook page and on the AMICA website.

Vote for your favorite post until April 1st!

You can vote for your favorite post on the AMICA page by April 1, 2023. Click here! Be careful because only clicks with the “thumbs up” emoticon will be considered as votes, other types of emoticons will not be considered votes.


PUBLIC AWARDED PRIZE: The author or authors of the post most voted by the public on the AMICA page will receive a basket of organic delicacies as a prize.

SPECIAL PRIZE ASSIGNED BY AMICA: the AMICA Board of Directors will assign a special prize to those who tell their experience with AMICA, for example by recalling an episode, participating in an AMICA event, describing the help they received from the association, explaining whether and how AMICA influenced his perception of the environment and health, highlighting which activities were most useful and giving advice for future activities.

The special prize consists of a stay in a B&B for two people in Orvinio, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy which houses the association’s archive. Orvinio is located in the heart of the Monti Lucretili Park, in the province of Rieti, in an uncontaminated place known for its magnificent wild orchids. The accommodation includes hospitality for a week at a B&B (to be used by September 2023) and, only if the winner is affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electrosensitivity, the accommodation will be at Casa Vallebona, the house designed with environmentally friendly materials and shielded electrical system where the use of Wi-Fi and mobile phones is prohibited and where only fragrance-free products are used.

The special prize assigned by AMICA can only be used by the winner and one of his companions and cannot be transferred to third parties.


Pursuant to current laws, all personal data of participants will be used only for the conduct of the competition and will be destroyed by 30 September 2023.

Perché diventare sostenitore?

Sostieni le attività di AMICA, anche se non puoi dedicare del tempo al volontariato. Ricevi aggiornamenti via email su medici, ricerche e iniziative politiche. Sei invitato in anteprima ai nostri convegni e ai seminari formativi.
Partecipa, se vuoi, al Gruppo Google dei Sostenitori di AMICA per richiedere informazioni, scambiare consigli ed esperienze.